About CSS Recycling – Britain’s Leading Electronic Recycling Experts

Established in 1985, CSS Recycling are the leading force in the development and promotion of recycling end of life electronic equipment. Being the originators of many of the UK’s national recycling schemes, CSS Recycling have developed some of the best alternative solutions to landfill.

CSS Recycling’s continued commitment was again demonstrated in Jan 2001 when the company moved to a new purpose built computer disposal site in Newbury. This signified the start of a continuing program of improvement and expansion, with the sole aim of providing a modern, efficient recycling facility able to meet the demands required by the WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) regulations.

This fully licensed recycling facility, is a dedicated site for the storage, separation and processing of all types of electronic waste. The Environment Agency is the regulatory body that oversees operations and carries out monthly inspections to ensure the terms of the licence are complied with.

Today CSS Recycling are able to provide a comprehensive range of recycling services, each service being centred on the needs of both local authorities and commercial enterprises. Our unique collection service to both large and small producers now provide a direct link into the recycling industry.

The WEEE regulations, now in place, continue to dominate the future planning for waste recycling. We have already made important advances by developing 100% recycling routes for domestic televisions, computer monitors and the majority of IT equipment. In addition we continue to expand our vehicle fleet to enable us to provide the very best transport and collection services to our volume suppliers.
With contacts around the world and in a range of industries, CSS Recycling are able to contribute as a major player in the collection and recycling of end of life electronic equipment and we welcome the opportunity to develop new business partnerships with you, our suppliers.

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