TV and Monitor Recycling


100% Recycling of TV’s VDU’s and Computer Monitors
Televisions, Visual Display Units and Monitors are made up of approximately 8 different elements To enable each element to be recycled they must be separated without leaving any cross contamination i.e. clean plastic, clean glass, clean copper etc, this is only achievable by manual separation.

CSS Recycling are able to offer a 100% recycling route for TVs, VDUs and Monitors. Our 100% route guarantees correct disposal for your end of life TVs, VDUs and monitors.

What makes up a typical TV or Monitor?

  • Glass 40%
  • TV yolk or cone 4%
  • Zinc / Mazak 1%
  • Plastic 21%
  • Circuit boards 11%
  • Iron / Steel 15%
  • Cable 3%
  • Transformers 2%

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