Laptop Recycling

Our Laptop Recycling process offers an environmentally friendly method to dispose of your unwanted and obsolete products.

An essential part of assessing the viability of equipment to be stripped for recycling is to ascertain if the recovered elements have a positive or negative value – for example copper wire has a positive value but plastic has a negative value. In the case of PC base units and similar other units the majority of recovered elements are positive.

At CSS Recycling we have our own purpose-built processing line capable of recycling 20 tonnes per day. This specialized method of processing ensures the maximum recovered value is attained at the same time providing a secure yet 100% recycling route for this type of equipment.

What makes up a typical PC base unit?

  • Plastic / Steel Case
  • Power Supply Units
  • Steel Fittings
  • Aluminium Fittings
  • Aluminium/Steel Disc Drives
  • Circuit Boards
  • Copper Wire / Cable

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